What is Purely Cotton?

Purely Cotton is a naturally gentle cotton tissue that is virtually lint free and clinically proven to be non-irritating and hypo-allergenic, even for the most sensitive skin.
The cotton used in Purely Cotton is made from the cotton linter, a recovered resource from a natural, renewable crop.
Purely Cotton is the only true "Tree Free" tissue.  It is "Better for your health, healthier for your skin".  Purely Cotton does not contain inks, dyes or perfumes.  It is whitened without chlorine bleach and is also biodegradable and septic safe.
Purely Cotton utilizes the Cotton Inc. Seal of Approval on all of the packaging, assuring the consumer that it is 100% pure cotton.

Our Commitment

Purely Cotton is committed to consistently meeting our customers requirements.  We will measure comformance to finished product specifications and order service levels as indications of customer satisfaction.
Our employees are empowered to strive for continuous improvement.  Each employee will be trained and will clearly understand the requirements that make our business successful.  Training and education will be provided to ensure that everyone has the knowledge and skills required to produce a quality product.
All employees will understand, implement and maintain this policy.

Vision Statement

Our vision of Purely Cotton is an organization where employees are involved in a continuing process of satisfying customers.  Purely Cotton is an effective organization which enhances value by strategically planning and continually prioritizing actions and improving processes to operate safely to gain efficiency, eliminate waste and maximize the return on resources invested.  The highest priority of our people is unsurpassed devotion to our customers.
Environmental Statement
  • Purely Cotton is the world's first and only tissue made from 100% cotton fiber  
  • Purely Cotton is made from cotton, it is 100% "tree free".  Forests and their environs are destroyed to provide a raw material to manufacture wood pulp tissues.  Wood based tissues require significant chemical processing to turn the raw material into pulp to produce the finished paper product.  
  • Tissue made of recycled wood pulp are less harmful to the environment, however they do not provide the benefits to the environment of an annual cotton crop. 
  • Cotton is a naturally soft raw material and does not require the same high usage levels of chemicals as wood pulp based paper tissue.  Purely Cotton 100% cotton tissues are made from a renewable resource.  Cotton is planted and harvested annually. 
  • Purely Cotton is made from short fiber cotton known as the "cotton linter".  This is the part of the cotton plant that is left over after the fibers have been harvested and the seed has been cleaned for cottonseed oil (for the food industry).  It is fully biodegradable and considered a recovered resource by the EPA. 
  • The cotton linter is a by-product of the cotton plant and as such qualifies under the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) guidelines as a 100% recovered recycled material.  The growth of cotton linters does not require the use of the chemical fertilizers and pesticides associated with the growth of high quality textile cotton. 
  • Cotton goes through a bleaching process similar to a wood pulp based paper tissue.  The cotton fiber requires significantly less chemicals which makes cotton pulp processing kinder to the environment.  Wood pulp bleaching can produce dioxin, a known carcinogen, a chemical harmful to the environment.  
  • At Purely Cotton, our goal is to provide better products to the consumer while caring for the environment in which we live.
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